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Auto Insurance in the State of Michigan—What’s Required & What’s Extra?

Most states require every driver on public roads to carry an auto insurance policy. Michigan is no exception. Your car insurance is there to protect you, the passengers in your car, your vehicles, and the other drivers on the road. If you have the misfortune of being in an accident, your insurance acts as a financial shield, paying for car repairs, medical bills, and even a rental car while yours is in the shop—depending on the coverage you have selected.

With auto insurance in Commerce Charter Township, Michigan, you don’t just want to shop for the lowest rates. Insurance policies are not identical. While there are certain legal requirements, your policy may lack necessary coverage, such as roadside assistance.

What’s Included in Your Car Insurance Policy?

What’s Included in Your Car Insurance Policy?

The state of Michigan requires these things to be covered by your auto insurance:

  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Liability
  • Personal Injury Protection—Medical & Loss of Work
  • Property Protection Insurance

This is only the bare minimum of coverage. It doesn’t really help you repair your own car if you caused an accident. Instead, it only covers property damage and bodily injury of the other driver. This means any repairs for your car or physical injury to you will end up costing you money.

Optional Coverage You Might Add to Your Policy

Here are additional coverage options that are not legally mandated by the state of Michigan, but you might need:

  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Loan/Lease Coverage
  • Coverage for upgraded or customized vehicles

Most people get confused by comprehensive and collision coverage, as they seem very similar. Collision coverage applies when you collide with another vehicle or object. For example, if you hit another car or a tree, your collision coverage will cover the cost of repairs to your car. Comprehensive insurance covers other damage caused by theft, vandalism, natural disasters, or falling objects. Comprehensive coverage also covers the cost of car repairs if you hit a deer. Since comprehensive and collision coverage deals only with damages to your car, the cost of coverage is largely determined by the value of your vehicle. 

If you financed your car, your lender will require you to add loan coverage to your auto insurance policy. Roadside assistance can cover the cost of towing your car, but you can also get someone to change a flat tire or jump-start your battery for you. Roadside assistance can also deliver fuel or rescue you if you’ve locked yourself out of your car.

FAQs about Car Insurance

How Can I Save Money on Car Insurance?
There are several things you can do to save money on your car insurance policy. You can bundle all your insurance policies with the same insurance provider to get multi-policy discounts. If you increase your deductible, your premiums go down. You can also pay ahead for 6 months instead of paying monthly to get a reduction in price. If you’re shopping around for a car, you may also want to get quotes before you buy. The more expensive your car is, the more you’ll pay for collision and comprehensive insurance.

Do I Need Coverage Not Legally Mandated?
If you only carry the legally required insurance protection, you’re putting a significant asset at risk. Car repairs aren’t cheap, especially if you’ve had a serious collision. Even a minor dent in the wrong spot of your car can cause other problems that have to be fixed. For example, a dent that makes it impossible to shut your trunk doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, if the trunk doesn’t shut, the light stays on and drains your battery. Now you can’t even start the car.

How Can I Find the Best Auto Insurance Policy?
Our insurance advisors can help you find the best car insurance in Commerce Charter Township, MI. We talk to you about your needs and create a customized policy that’s just right for you. For example, if you have more than one vehicle, you may not need rental car insurance. But if you don’t have the right tools or knowledge to jump start your battery or change a flat tire, roadside assistance is a good idea for you.

Why Should You Work with Us?

Why Should You Work with Us?

At Insurance Advisors, Inc, we believe there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy. We take time to create a customized car insurance policy that keeps you and your family safe. Call us today to discuss your insurance needs, and we’ll make sure you’re covered.