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Auto Insurance is a requirement in the state of Michigan

Michigan is a No-Fault state and requires all vehicles on the road to be insured. It’s easy to think all car insurance is the same; so what difference does it make where you get your insurance coverage?

Why choose Insurance Advisors?

Why choose Insurance Advisors?

  • While many can obtain auto insurance from anywhere, you want to choose the insurance provider that structures a policy fit for your needs.
  • There’s no such thins as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy.
  • Keeping you and your loved ones safe is our number one priority. Contact us today and we’ll help you protect what matters most; YOU and YOUR FAMILY!

What is Auto Insurance?

Auto Insurance is to protect you and your assets in case of a loss, injury, or damage; either caused by you, or someone else.  

Auto Insurance is mandatory in the state of Michigan and consists of the following mandatory coverage:

    • Bodily Injury Liability
    • Property Damage Liability
    • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Liability
    • Personal Injury Protection - Medical
    • Property Protection Insurance
    • Personal Injury Protection – Work Loss

Optional auto insurance coverage:

      • Comprehensive
      • Collision
      • Rental reimbursement
      • Roadside Assistance
      • Loan/Lease Coverage
      • Coverage for upgraded or customized vehicles